One Man Mutiny

by HomeBrewed Studios

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Toying with my mind again
Lets see just how much damage you can do before I know
Anyplace the line has been
Didn't stop you then, digging through the emptiness and so

Everywhere you go
Makings of the end of all that
You hold dear to you will show
Reveal themselves in full
Darker shades of heartlessness do
Suit us better than we're told

Consider this a call to rivalry
Light the fuse, take a drink to show the stillness of your hand

This isn't a new side of me
It can be set free, silently and always in command

So tell me where this lands
I can be the better person
For a while but it stands
To reason that a man
When broken doesn't fall apart but
Keeps the cancer as a brand

Toying with my mind again
It's a game to see just how much more of my life you can steal

Anywhere the line has been
Doesn't matter when his anger becomes something you can feel

Nipping at your heels
You've outgrown your usefulness and
I no longer choose to kneel
The Battle will reveal
I would sooner sink this ship than
See your hands laid on the wheel

Produce thy arm and then be known
(This prison will reject you)
You'll lose this body as your home
(Your darkest hour will best you)

Produce thy arm and then be known
(Your soul forever will be gone)
You'll lose this body as your home
(This poison will consume you)

(This is your stand you lose it all)
(there is no hell worse than your fall)


released April 14, 2014
Music and Lyrics by Brandon Lerbs and John Kargol
Engineered, mixed, and mastered at HomeBrewed Studios by Brandon Lerbs and John Kargol

Brandon Lerbs: 12 string guitar, 13 string guitar, Electric Guitar, Accordion, Tamborine, Trampoline, "Fire Whistle" Drums, Heartbeats, Human Heartbeats, 11 string guitar.

John Kargol: Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Accordion, Seance, Shaker, Crossbow, Bass, Banjo, reverberated shouting, 0 string guitar.

Caesar the Phantom Cellist: Organ.

Special thanks to Scott Schmitz and Madeline Ramirez for provided extra vocals and also for teaching Brandon how to properly perform a blood letting. Check out their band, The Paper Days, right here:

As always, this song is available in the traditional ocular format right here:



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HomeBrewed Studios Minneapolis, Minnesota

We're just two guys in hiding in a home studio somewhere outside of St. Paul. Wanna come hang with us? Follow the clues.

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