Narcissism Mirror

by HomeBrewed Studios

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Oh man, well, we'd like to think that the lyrics speak for themselves.
We'd also like to think that people are overwhelmingly good and kindness is everywhere but the other day I crushed a bug with my foot and felt nothing.


It's a brand new day
No wait, it's not, it never changes
Take a stab at the thought that I'll never die.
Peering into the void
Echo back a plan of attack now
Make a way better god than that other guy

Suffer all of the empty threats that try to drag me down
Torn from your cold dead hands, I'll take it for myself

I'm in love
With myself

Tear down Rome in a day
Throw a bone to the new believers
Nearly drown in the praise that I make them sing
Maybe rest for the day
The universe can deal with all its own problems
Wonder what new plague I'll make tomorrow bring

Suffer all of the empty threats that try to drag me down
Take it back 'cause last time I checked I'm still wearing the crown

I'm in love
With myself

(Odd high pitched space squealing, possibly proof of the afterlife)

Well that was fun for a while
But I don't think I could do this forever
The corporate life and I never got along
Jump ship in the night
May my flock do whatever they want to
Better get out now before they all catch on

Suffer all of the empty threats that try to drag me down
Take a page from the book I wrote and burn it to the ground

I'm in love


released May 27, 1990
Brandon Lerbs: 6 string acoustic, fuzzy electric, drums, vocals, Tamborine, claps, Odd high pitched space squealing/possible proof of the afterlife

John Kargol: 12 string acoustic, Electric guitar, bass, vocals, claps

Engineering and mixing by Brandon Lerbs and John Kargol



all rights reserved


HomeBrewed Studios Minneapolis, Minnesota

We're just two guys in hiding in a home studio somewhere outside of St. Paul. Wanna come hang with us? Follow the clues.

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